VoiceSuite manufactures custom handmade products for each client’s personalized choice.


VoiceSuite will accept returns under the following conditions: Your booth must be returned packaged the same as it was shipped via LTL freight. The booth must be in sellable condition or usable condition so VoiceSuite can reuse all panels and components in other production. The buyer is responsible for all freight charges, packing with returning the booth and components. A refund will be sent minus 20% restocking fee within seven days after inspection.


VoiceSuite cancellation policy is as follows: If the cancellation occurs in

Phase 1-2 – 80% of the price of the booth will be refunded.

Phase 3-4 – 55% of the price of the booth will be refunded

Phase 5 – 25% of the price of the booth will be refunded

Phase 6-7 – 10% of the price of the booth will be refunded

Resell Program

VoiceSuite offers clients who wish to cancel their order in any phase of production the option of placing their booth into the resale program.  If VoiceSuite is able to resell to another customer the canceling customer will receive a refund of 100% of what VoiceSuite is able to sell the booth for.  VoiceSuite will not keep any percent of the sale and all proceeds will be forwarded as a refund to the previous client.

VoiceSuite is unable to guarantee a specific timeline and /or sale of the booth that would guarantee a refund

1. Suitability:
Buyer has made all decisions concerning the color, door, direction of opening, size, and all other accessories offered along with the style of the merchandise purchased.

2. Inspection:
The buyer must inspect the merchandise upon delivery to the Buyer. Buyer must make any claims for damage with a written notation on the delivery slip along with pictures of the damage. That can be sent to info@voicesuite.net ASAP

3. Acceptance and Agreement by Buyer:
By clicking on the “I Agree” box, you, the buyer, agree that you have carefully reviewed and approved all customization options. Further, you understand that the terms written in this Sales Contract are a binding legal agreement. Binding contracts consist of three factors, offer, acceptance, and consideration. By purchasing this product from VoiceSuite you are completing the three components.

4. Shipping Delays:
All industries face issues with backorders and with the supply chain, delays from our various vendors and suppliers can happen, VoiceSuite works hard on a daily basis to avoid any delays. VoiceSuite will do everything to communicate delays and complete your order as soon as possible.

5. Production:
The overall production time quoted is approximate and/or estimated based on current orders and assuming supplies and freight are operating on normal timeframes and schedules.

6. Discount due to delays:
Buyer understands that any delay(s) do not afford the buyer a discount from the order or the right to cancel. This also does not give the buyer the right to file a dispute with the client’s payment processor against VoiceSuite. This is understood, due to the nature of the item being built as a custom item specifically made to order for the buyer and it is not premade or easily used in production for another booth.

7. Consent to do business electronically:
The parties agree that this agreement may be electronically signed by checking the “I Agree” box on the check-out page. The parties agree that this constitutes an agreement and is the same as a handwritten signature for validity, enforceability, and admissibility. You may withdraw your consent to receive electronic documents, notices, or disclosures at any time. To withdraw consent, you must notify VoiceSuite that you wish to withdraw consent and request that future documents, notices, and disclosure be provided in paper format. You acknowledge that withdrawing consent to electronic communication may slow the speed at which VoiceSuite can complete transactions and potentially delay the delivery of merchandise. To request paper copies of documents or withdraw consent to conduct business electronically, please contact a VoiceSuite Concierge by telephone or email.

8. Severability:
Every provision of this contract is intended to be severable such that, if any term or provision hereof is invalidated for any reason whatsoever, such provision shall be severed from this contract and shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the contract.

9. Shipping:
Your booth will be delivered on a double pallet and will weigh approx. 335-450 lb. Once shipped, transit time will vary with different carriers, but the average is 3-6 days. Freight carriers will not place the pallets in the house or office building, you will need to have ample help to unpack and move the panels to wherever you are going to set the booth up. VoiceSuite will supply the necessary screw bit for you to assemble the booth and will have it pre-placed in the appropriate locations. VoiceSuite will also include extra hardware, but we recommend that you have a drill to make this process much easier.

10. Additional shipping procedures & notes:
VoiceSuite is required to use LTL freight carriers (Less than Truckload) to ship. This is due to the weight and size of the pallets to transport your booth. LTL freight must fit into a truck’s existing load and does not have any priority, this can take time to coordinate. VoiceSuite uses Worldwide Express in Chicago to coordinate the shipment and once VoiceSuite places the order the actual pickup date is not known and can take 5-12 days to coordinate. VoiceSuite will immediately alert the client of the pickup date and the BOL (Bill of Lading) as soon as it has been issued.

11. Wood Color and Grain:
VoiceSuite hand-builds & finishes all booths in the United States and handpicks all the lumber and doors for assembly, no panels or components are pre-assembled or made by machine. Please note that VoiceSuite cannot control or predict the exact make-up and graining in wood, some variations will occur due to the nature of wood products.

12. Booth Parts:
Booths consist of four panels and a ceiling panel, and we recommend that you place the booth on a carpet or rug. VoiceSuite offers an upgraded sound floor if you would like to choose that as an option.

13. Attorney Fees & Choice of Law:
Should any litigation or other proceedings be initiated relating to this contract, VoiceSuite shall be entitled to recover all actual attorneys’ fees incurred plus costs, including, but not limited to any costs of collections and lien preparation expenses. Parties agree that any suit or action, venue of the said suit shall be in the County of Summit Utah or Salt Lake City Utah. The contract has been negotiated and entered into the State of Utah and shall be construed, interpreted, and enforced in accordance with the laws of said State. The parties hereby expressly submit themselves to the federal and state courts of Utah in the County of Summit for the determination of any controversy arising hereunder.

Buyer understands and has read the terms and conditions of sale.  By purchasing a product from VoiceSuite Inc. the buyer has accepted all terms and conditions of sales listed above as a legal and binding contract.