How to Determine Booth Orientation

When calculating the orientation of the booth think of it as portrait and landscape.

If you are ordering a 60" x 48" the width will be the 60" (Door) and the depth will be the 48"


In this example, the booth is a 36" X 48" 


Booths can be made either way and can be made with specific widths and depth as well.  Please note any specifics when ordering in the comment section.

The VoiceSuite Story

VoiceSuite was started with the need to offer an affordable alternative for struggling artists over the higher priced recording booths. VoiceSuite developed into a innovative manufacturer of
elegantly and aesthetically designed home recording booths for a variety of artists along with medical, hospitality and state organizations.
This includes actors, voice actors, ASMR actors, podcasters, broadcasters, and medical audiology.
Recently, VoiceSuite has partnered with the State of New York to supply recording booths at various centers across the state for the SNUG program.