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Questions you might have

  1. How are the booths shipped:
    The booths are packaged and wrapped per panel and stacked on a pallet. The entire set of panels will be strapped and bound to the pallet. Keep in mind that the panels are 4’ X 7’ when laid down flat.

  2. Are the booths shipped assembled?
    No, this would not be cost-effective for the client and would limit shipping options as well.

  3. Are the booths easy to assemble?
    Yes, the panels will be attached to each other with 3 1/8” star drive #10 cabinet screws. VoiceSuite will supply the screws and the bit along with marked holes to attach each panel to the other. The roof will attach the same way. We estimate 20-40 minutes

  4. Can I have one color exterior and a different color acoustic foam?
    Yes, we have availability in the 2” foam to get many colors. The 3” foam is limited to standard dark gray.

  5. What is the production time?
    Currently…VoiceSuite is running 3 - 4 weeks. We are always working on sourcing supplies from vendors that are not affected by the current delays, but given the current situation, delays are possible.

  6. Can I return a booth?
    No - These booths are custom-made specifically for each client. Please contact us if you need further clarification.

  7. What kind of window is in the booth?
    We use laminated glass for the window. After testing we found that a piece of laminate glass has a much higher STC rating than a double pane IG unit. STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) measures the sound transmission through the glass, a standard double pane window might come in around a 34. The laminated glass is rated around a 46 for a single pane.

  8. Is there a floor for the booths?
    If selected, yes, we manufacture a sound floor for an added cost of $289. The majority of clients don’t use a floor and chose to sit the booth on a carpet.

  9. Lights?
    Since lights can not be installed till after the booth is assembled we suggest the client purchase a LED strip light in 8’ or 16’ lengths from Amazon. This will save some money.

  10. Electrical?
    Yes, we will have two holes in the back panel at the bottom, with foam tubing so the client can run additional electrical and any cables for other requirements. We will supply a surge protector strip attached to the back panel.