Questions you might have.

What is the average sound reduction?

The average sound reduction in VoiceSuite tests is between 25-30db difference from exterior noise and noise from inside going out. Our double wall system adds approx 25% more sound deading.
No booth on the market is soundproof and the goal is to reduce the noise to an
acceptable working level. Sound reduction is a variable based on the various
factors within every client home and the interaction with the sound booth. The
variables that will impact sound are the type of walls, insulation, windows,
and flooring. VoiceSuite has many ways to reduce various types of sound requirement
from a client based on needs. Please call us for a sound reduction consultation
at our toll-free number 877-327-1333

How are the booths shipped?

The booths are packaged and wrapped per panel and stacked on a pallet. The entire set of panels will be strapped and bound to the pallet and weigh approx. 325-475lbs. Keep in mind that the panels are 4’ X 7’ when laid down flat. VoiceSuite recommends that you have ample help to move the panels into the area your going to set the booth up. SHIPPING PHOTO

Are the booths shipped assembled?

No, this would not be cost-effective for the client and would limit shipping options as well. The booths are design to be modular and can be assembled and dis-assembled in about 15-20 minutes.

Is Shipping Free?

VoiceSuite cover the cost of the freight carrier.

Are the booths easy to assemble?

Yes, the panels will be attached to each other with 1/4 x 70mm furniture bolts. VoiceSuite will supply the bolts and the 4mm bit along with marked holes to attach each panel to the other. The roof will attach the same way. We estimate 15-20 minutes.

How does the Ventilation work?

VoiceSuite uses a AC Infinity quiet fan in its own housing to match your booth. Setup is easy and takes about 5 minutes. This is a link to our YouTube channel and an overview of the ventilation setup. Ventilation setup video

How do you assemble a booth?

Instructions can be downloaded here: ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS

Or you can watch our assembly video on YouTube HERE

What is the production time for a booth?

Overall production from start to ready to ship is aprox. 8-18 weeks. Booth production in man hours ranges between 52-100 man hours The time for production depends on options, size of the booth, and any over and above customization requested. Booths outside of the base sizes can take longer and cannot be guarenteed for a specific time frame.
All booths are handmade to each clients specification, and all components are handpicked and hand stained.
Production varies and
delays are possible especially with the current supply chain issues and we are continuing
to work with vendors to minimize any delays as much as possible.

What do I do if the freight company damages the booth on delivery?

DO NOT SIGN ANY FORM !! Put on the delivery slip "DAMAGED IN SHIPMENT". Take as many pictures as you can and forward them to Many shippers will try to have you sign something and even if you mark it as damaged, they will claim you signed it and claim it was OK. They are notorious for trying to get out of paying for damage claims.

Can I cancel or return a booth?

All booths are custom-hand made to order personalized to each clients specifications so booths are not cancellable, returnable, and can't be refunded.

Can I have one color exterior and a different color acoustic foam?

Yes, we have many colors available in both the 3" and the 2" acoustic pyramid foam.


What kind of window is in the booth?

We use 1/4" laminated glass for the window. After testing we found that a piece of laminate glass has a much higher STC rating than a double pane IG unit. STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) measures the sound transmission through the glass, a standard double pane window might come in around a 34. The laminated glass is rated around a 46 for a single pane.


Is there a floor for the booth?

Yes...We offer a sound floor as an add on of $389.00 for booths up to a 4' x 4' and $429.00 for larger size booths. If you're placing the booth on hardwood floor or tile we highly recommend the sound floor.

Are lights included?

Lighting can not be installed until after the booth is assembled. VoiceSuite offers LED lights as a accessorie. VoiceSuite has 16ft lengths at $32.00, and 8ft lengths at $28.00 Please message us if you would like to include LED lights in with your order.

Is there a access for electrical?

Yes, we will have an access plate in the back panel at the bottom right so the client can run additional electrical and any cables for other requirements.