About our Booths

VoiceSuite booths are designed and fabricated in Park City, Utah. All booths are hand made, We hand pick the lumber, doors and hand wrap and finish for every booth we create.

Each booth comes standard with laminated glass window, 2" acoustic foam, access point on back panel for cables, an insulating layer & interior foam layer with sound deadening R-tech membrane.

The booths can also be ordered with an optional sound floor ($389 for 3x3,3x4,4x4 & $445 for the 4x6). The sound floor further reduces noise, and is most useful when the booth is being placed on hard floor versus carpet.

The door can be upgraded to a French door in pine for additional light, however it does decrease sound reduction. A sound blanket is available you can hang over the door on the inside to reduce additional sound.  

The exterior color comes in blue, grey, black or tan. The hardware comes in a standard black or silver with optional upgraded handle set.


Glass ceiling. 
All the booths can come with a laminated glass ceiling utilizing the same STC rating and the side window

You can choose an optional desk that folds down and/or shelf that can be stained or custom wrapped in the same material as the exterior of the booth. The desk is 11.75" deep and the shelf is 6" deep.

(Matching stained desk & shelf)


The acoustic foam can be upgraded to a larger 3" size for further sound reduction.


Ventilation is available ($565.00) for increased air flow inside the booth. We use a AC/ Infinity quiet fan that is enclosed in an acoustic foam lined box to reduce any noise it may produce and is placed outside of the booth.

 2" Acoustic foam is available in various colors (added charge $110.00

 Access point for cables and power is standard 

(back panel)



VoiceSuite booths are custom designed by Keith Dwyer

VoiceSuite is an innovative manufacture of elegantly and aesthetically designed home sound booths for discriminating consumers. The VoiceSuite customer appreciates the aesthetics as well as the functionality of our singular sound suites.

Our stylish sound booths reduce sound and ambient noises so that our customers can do their work undisturbed and offers an elegant, beautiful, and highly comfortable environment that is a pleasure to be in and seamlessly works with the aesthetics of the most sophisticated of home or work environments.

VoiceSuite customers include actors, voice actors, ASMR actors, podcasters, broadcasters, musicians, singers, rappers, YouTubers,  producers, and those who simply need a quiet and beautiful space in which to work.