Finish Phase & Shipping Explained

Finish Phase

The final phase of production includes many steps, not only to get the booth ready but to finalize the details.  In this final step the doors are fit, windows installed, and trim is completed. Once everything is installed we  fully assemble the booth for a second time so that we can fully check all the assembly points. Next we install cable pass throughs, shelfs, desks, and ventilation systems.  Finally we inspect the booth one more time,  to be sure it meets our exacting standards,  the booth will then be disassembled and palletized for shipping.

Download VoiceSuite Phases (PDF)


LTL freight is very different then using standard UPS or FedEx, with LTL (Less then truckload) freight coordinators look for a carrier that will accept and have the appropriate space on a truck with a full load, unfortunately freight carriers do not make this a priority and do not work on weekends or holidays. Once our freight broker arranges this they will issue a BOL, this will give us the official pickup date that a particular carrier will pickup the booth. VoiceSuite will alert you with text and or emails immediately, via the internal system in our shop hosted by Shopify or Etsy, with the current shipping information. The next step, when the load it placed on the truck, is the driver will attach stickers on your booth, with another number and bar code, we will update our shops, and send you, via text or email a photo of the sticker. With this number you can track the progress of the shipment in route to your location. In addition the freight company will always call your before delivering your booth. Below are links to a some of the carriers we use.

Estes Freight -

R&L Carriers -

Forward Air Freight -



Your custom booth will come on a double pallet as show below, wrapped and strapped for protection during transit.  The overall shipment will weigh between 275lbs - 475lbs.  The individual panels should be unpacked and then placed in the area you will be setting up the booth, we recommend you have someone help with this process.

NOTE: The freight company will call you to setup a delivery time.