Refund Policy


VoiceSuite accepts returns under the following conditions, booth must be returned to VoiceSuite packaged the same as it was shipped via LTL freight.  The booth must be in sellable condition or usable condition so VoiceSuite can reuse panels and components in other production.  The buyer is responsible for all freight charge, packing with returning the booth and components. A refund will be sent minus 30% restocking fee within seven days after inspection.
VoiceSuite is happy to cancel your order with the following:
Phase 1-2: - 80% of the price of the booth will be refunded.
Phase 3-4" - 55% of the price of the booth will be refunded
Phase 5 - 25% of the price of the booth will be refunded
Phase 6-7 - 10% of the price of the booth will be refunded
Cancellations with 100% refund:
VoiceSuite is happy to resell your configuration and personalization options to another client and then refund 100% of the purchase price.
The VoiceSuite Story

VoiceSuite was started with the need to offer an affordable alternative for struggling artists over the higher priced recording booths. VoiceSuite developed into a innovative manufacturer of
elegantly and aesthetically designed home recording booths for a variety of artists along with medical, hospitality and state organizations.
This includes actors, voice actors, ASMR actors, podcasters, broadcasters, and medical audiology.
Recently, VoiceSuite has partnered with the State of New York to supply recording booths at various centers across the state for the SNUG program.