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Current Estimated Production Times

VoiceSuite – Custom Booths
4 to 7 weeks
(Depending on Size and Options)

Our New Line of Booths SoundSuite

VoiceSuite is proud to announce our new line of booths ready to ship within two weeks.  These booths come in 3′ x 3′ and a 4’x 4′ and have the same detail as our VoiceSuite’s without a window.  The booths come standard with a gray exterior and a solid primed door.  Our 3’x3′ SoundSuite lite has no door.  


  • 1/4″ Laminated glass window (increased STC rating to keep sound out).
  • A choice on the placement of access plate for electrical and cables.
  • 3-inch acoustic pyramid foam standard.
  • 16′ LED strip lights.
  • Solid hand-stained door.
  • Choice of exterior wrap,
    Gray, Blue, Tan, or Premium Black (Black is an additional charge of $179)
  • Choice of the window on the left or right.
  • Choice of the direction of the door opening.
  • Choice of hardware oil rubbed bronze hardware or brushed nickel.
  • Exterior booth heights with ceiling are 85 1/4″ interior height is 83 1/2″.
  • Custom heights are available at no extra charge.
  • Personalized “Custom made for” badge
  • All booths include free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

VoiceSuite’s new Pentagon Booth
(Full Lite Door Option on any VoiceSuite)

Approx production time is 5-7 weeks

This one is ready to ship now at $4695

We help you design the booth you want, for your style and space

VoiceSuite is committed to creating a beautiful, unique work space, with custom handcrafted design and affordable cost. We are devoted to creating a wide variety of options, that allows for a singular creative work home that meets our customers unique specifications.

The VoiceSuite Story

  There was a time when if you wanted to create a professional quality recording the primary, and expensive option,  was to rent studio time. The creative world has changed to where much creative content is made at home. But how to create content that wasn’t marred by a cacophony of noises? The options were a very expensive home studio or recording booth, recording in your closet, or setting up shop in a bathtub.  One had to have a big budget for good home recordings or sacrifice sound for a subpar setup.
  When VoiceSuite’s founder, Keith Dwyer,  needed his own home studio he looked at the options available in the marketplace and found the average booth to be prohibitively expensive. Keith, with a background in design, wasn’t interested in paying nearly 10K for what looked like a corporate cubicle.  Keith built the very first VoiceSuite that was budget-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable, and that allowed him to create professional-level recordings. 
  In the building of the very first booth, a passion was sparked to create and build recording booths that were
affordable, and beautiful and that would help artists with a variety of budgets have a home studio that would offer a professional and comfortable workplace for creation and innovation.  
  VoiceSuite has built booths for musicians, singers, actors, voice actors, podcasters, YouTubers, gamers, and broadcasters. The market for Voicesuite has grown to include business centers, manufacturing settings, ketamine clinics, audiology centers,  and community centers. 


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