Introducing SoundSuite: The Answer to Your Immediate Needs

Dear VoiceSuite Community,

When we embarked on the VoiceSuite journey in 2021, our mission was crystal clear: to democratize the creative process. Little did we know the challenges we would face on this journey. As we battled through roof collapses, floods, and the setback of our operations, there was one thing I promised myself and all of you – VoiceSuite will always stand tall, unwavering in its mission. 

Today, I am thrilled to introduce SoundSuite – our semi-custom line of recording booths designed to meet your immediate needs.

But first, let’s take a walk down memory lane.

At VoiceSuite, we always prioritized the needs of our customers. We worked tirelessly to offer a product that would revolutionize the at-home recording industry. Unfortunately, after two significant disasters, we’ve faced many challenges. But with every setback comes an opportunity to innovate and adapt.

SoundSuite is our answer to these challenges. While our custom VoiceSuite booths take time to craft and perfect, we understand that many of you need a quicker solution. SoundSuite booths, with their semi-custom designs, can be shipped out in just two weeks, ensuring that your creative process is uninterrupted.

We want to take a moment to thank our production team. They’ve been working around the clock, six days a week, ensuring that our products reach you on time. They’re the true heroes behind the scenes, and it’s their dedication that allows us to present SoundSuite to all of you.

Rest assured, our existing VoiceSuite orders in the Phase 5 of production are just about ready to be shipped. Our dedicated team is working to make sure everything is perfect for you.

As we launch SoundSuite, it is not just a new product for us, but a testament to our resilience, dedication, and commitment to our customers. We’re not just overcoming challenges; we’re evolving and rising stronger than ever.

Thank you for your unwavering support, patience, and trust in VoiceSuite. Together, we are not just building booths; we are crafting a legacy.

Echoing gratitude,