Questions You Might Have

  1. What is the production time?
    Currently, VoiceSuite estimates 6-11 weeks for our VoiceSuite Line of custom booths.  Our SoundSuite Line of booths ships within two weeks.  As we expand into our new shop and hire more staff we are working to get production to 5-9 weeks on the VoiceSuite Line.  Production time varies depending on the size of the booth and various options. 
  2. Is there Sound Reduction?
    In various tests, VoiceSuite has achieved a 25-30 db drop from the exterior noise. Our double wall system may achieve a 38-44db reduction. No sound booth is soundproof.  The goal of a VoiceSuite booth is to create an environment acceptable to a variety of needs.  The sound reduction will vary depending on the type of recording environment. Factors that will impact sound reduction will include environmental factors, the placement of the booth, walls, and window-type flooring in the room, VoiceSuite cannot guarantee a specific reduction due to the wide range of the for mention factors affecting the overall recording environment.
  3. How are the booths shipped?
    VoiceSuite ships using LTL freight, the booths are to large to ship via UPS or FedEx.  The booths are packaged and wrapped per panel and stacked on a pallet. The entire set of panels will be strapped and bound to the pallet. Panels are 4’ X 7’ when laid down flat and weigh approx. 325 – 475lbs.  VoiceSuite recommends you have ample help moving the panels into the space you will be assembling the booth.

  4. What is LTL Freight and what can I expect in that process?
    The journey of your VoiceSuite booth from our warehouse to your space involves several key steps:

    1. Final Finish (Phase 5): Your booth completes its final touches in preparation for shipment.
    2. Palletizing & Shipping (Phase 6): We meticulously prepare your booth for shipment, securing all components, wrapping for transport, and ensuring every label is in place.
    3. LTL Freight Coordination: Unlike standard FedEx and UPS shipping, our booths are shipped via LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight. This involves collaborating with a freight broker in Chicago to locate a carrier traveling to your delivery area with available space for our specially-sized pallets (85″ x 48″ x 30″). Because these pallets are larger than the standard size (48″ x 48″), it requires added coordination and can range from a day to up to a week.
    4. Bill of Lading (BOL): After coordinating, we receive a BOL which confirms a designated carrier will pick up your booth on a particular day.
    5. Awaiting Pickup (Phase 7): Your booth is then ready for freight pickup. Once collected, it’s transported to a local hub, then transferred to long-haul drivers who bring it to a hub near you. Timing for this phase varies due to factors like the booth’s destination and weather en route.
    6. Local Hub to Delivery: When your booth reaches the local hub, the freight carrier will get in touch with you to arrange a suitable delivery time.

    While we’re enthusiastic about ensuring a smooth delivery, please understand there are elements we can’t control, such as the timing of the freight carrier and unforeseen delays. We deeply appreciate your patience. For a comprehensive look at each production phase, feel free to review this page.

  5. Are the booths shipped assembled?
    No, this would not be cost-effective for the client and would limit shipping options.
  6. Are the booths easy to assemble?
    Yes, the panels will be attached to each other with furniture bolts. VoiceSuite will supply the bolts and 4mm Allen wrench bit to attach each panel. The roof will attach the same way. We estimate that booths can be assembled in 20 minutes.

    How to assemble your booth video.

    How to install the ventilation video.

  7. Can I have one color exterior and a different color of acoustic foam?
    Yes, we have availability for various colors in the  3” acoustic foam.

  8. What is the delivery time?
    VoiceSuite uses LTL freight to ship and deliver your booth.  We use a variety of carriers and the transit times are controlled and scheduled by the individual carriers.  The transit time will depend on location, weather, and factor beyond VoiceSuite’s control.  Normal delivery is approximately 2-7 days.
  9. Can I return a booth or cancel an order?
    VoiceSuite will accept returns under the following conditions: Your booth must be returned packaged the same as it was shipped via LTL freight. The booth must be in sellable condition or usable condition so VoiceSuite can reuse all panels and components in other production. The buyer is responsible for all freight charges, packing with returning the booth and components. A refund will be sent minus 30% restocking fee within seven days after inspection.

    VoiceSuite cancellation policy is as follows: If the cancellation occurs in

    Phase 1-2 – 80% of the price of the booth will be refunded.

    Phase 3-4 – 55% of the price of the booth will be refunded

    Phase 5 – 25% of the price of the booth will be refunded

    Phase 6-7 – 10% of the price of the booth will be refunded

    VoiceSuite offers clients who wish to cancel their order in any phase of production the option of placing their booth into the resale program.  If VoiceSuite is able to resell to another customer the canceling customer will receive a refund of 100%.

    VoiceSuite is unable to guarantee a specific timeline and /or sale of the booth that would guarantee a refund
  10. What kind of window is in the booth?
    We use laminated glass for the windows. Laminate glass has a much higher STC rating than a double-pane window. STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) measures the sound transmission through the glass.   laminated glass is rated around 46 for a single pane.
  11. Is there a floor for the booths?
    For an additional cost, we offer a sound floor which is listed on our options page.  The floor adds 1 1/4″ to the height of a booth.
  12. Are there Lights?
    VoiceSuite included a 16′ LED strip light with every order.
  13. Is there electrical?
    There will be an access plate in the back panel at the bottom of the booth, the client can run additional electrical and any cables for other requirements.
    Booths will be delivered on a double pallet and will weigh approx. 335-475 lbs.  We recommend you have ample help in unpacking the booth and placing it where you would like to set it up.

    VoiceSuite will have no recourse with the freight company and will not be able to rectify any damage unless the above instruction is followed.  Once a booth leaves our facility we have no responsibility for damages caused by the freight company.